Melissa Crowley, Internal Operations + Project Developer at BLB Design / Build

Melissa Crowley, Internal Operations + Project Developer

Corinne DiZoglio, Creative Manager at BLB Design / Build

Corinne DiZoglio, Creative Manager

Shelby Snyder, Project Manager + Creative Director at BLB Design / Build

Shelby Snyder, Project Manager + Creative Director

Melissa Crowley, Internal Operations + Project Developer at BLB Design / Build

Donna Hackney, Bookkeeper

Celebrating the Women of BLB Design / Build

Every March, we celebrate Women’s History Month to recognize women’s achievements, honor women’s rights, and promote gender equality. In honor of this, we took some time to spotlight our hardworking female team members. We interviewed each woman to learn more about them and their impact at BLB.

The team reviewing plans at a design / build home renovation project in the Newburyport, MA area

Q: What is your role at BLB Design / Build?

Shelby: I am BLB’s Project Manager and Creative Director, which allows me to flex my managerial and creative muscles. 

Melissa: I am the Project Developer and Head of Internal Operations at BLB, and while most would think this to be just clerical and financial, I actually have a hand in every aspect of the company in order to help BLB achieve its primary goals and stay successful.

Corinne: I am BLB’s Creative Manager, a role that includes social media management, designing marketing collateral, and overseeing all photo and video shoots. I love that this role allows me to take our company’s work and share it with the community.

Donna: I am the bookkeeper at BLB. I handle our clerical office work.

Q: Tell me about an average day in your role at BLB.

Shelby: An average day looks like coming into the office, reviewing my to-do list and agenda, catching up on any emails from the night before, and making my rounds to the job sites. However, no day ever ends up as I planned, which is the name of the game as a project manager! Some days I’ll be in the office tackling pre-construction documents; others, I’ll be driving out to our whole home project to review SOWs with subs, and sometimes if I’m lucky, I can sit in on a photo shoot of a finished project.

Melissa: An average day typically never goes as planned in my mind. I might plan on doing payroll and billing on a given day but it ends up being payroll, a little bit of estimating, plans to print, providing subcontractors with additional information, placing orders, receiving calls, helping customers make selections, pushing out a contract, answering and sending a bunch of emails and squeezing that billing in by the day’s end.

Corinne: No two days are ever the same for me. Generally, I am in the office in the morning, planning our monthly content (social media, blogs, and newsletters). I like to visit our job sites a few days a week to document progress. Every once and a while, my day will consist of overseeing a photo or video shoot, which is always fun.

Donna: Mornings start with checking email and staying on top of them, but each day looks slightly different; One day could be payroll, and the next could be billing or working on other office projects.

Construction site at a BLB Design / Build project in Topsfield, MA

Q: What drew you to a role in the construction industry?

Shelby: It was never my plan to end up in construction. I originally wanted to be a history teacher; however, in college, I quickly realized teaching was not for me. I pivoted to historic preservation and community outreach, which introduced me to the world of construction, architecture, and public works. After college, I took a job at a general contracting company as a project coordinator, and I ended up loving the fast-paced, active construction atmosphere. I love being a part of an industry where you can physically touch and see the hard work you put in.

Melissa: Honestly, I fell into it after years of running a licensed home daycare out of my basement so I could raise my children. Once they were old enough, an electrician offered me a position to run his office. I’ve been in construction ever since. I like it because every day/every project brings a different workload, so it never gets mundane.

Corinne: I wasn’t looking for a job in construction in particular, but when I saw a listing for a position at BLB, it sounded like the perfect fit. I have always loved home design and was immediately impressed with BLB’s work. Being a part of an industry that helps create people’s dream homes has been greatly rewarding, and I love that no two projects are ever the same.

Donna: I have done office work in other industries but never construction, and I wanted to learn something new. I am thrilled that I did, as I am learning new things every day.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Shelby: Outside of work, I like to spend my time exploring Amesbury, watching a movie with my two kittens on my lap, or playing my favorite childhood game, The Sims. 

Melissa: Outside of work, I like to read, walk the ocean to hear the waves break, walk easily navigatable hiking trails, and, of course, play with my kitties.

Corinne: I love to travel, whether it’s a weekend New England getaway or hopping on a plane to somewhere more exotic. At home, I enjoy reading, taking my dog for walks on Plum Island, and enjoying the local Newburyport restaurant scene.

Donna: When I’m not at BLB, I enjoy camping and spending time with family.

Q: What has been our favorite BLB project?

Shelby: I’ve loved all the projects I have participated in; however, my favorite so far is the Second Story Addition. The Second Story Addition was the first BLB addition project I saw from concept to completion, and the results were incredible. There is something so magical about creating a space for our clients on top of their original home, allowing them to remain in a location they love. I also developed close relationships with subcontractors and clients following this project, so I will always hold this project close to my heart.

Melissa: I think every project has had a special place within BLB as each project is unique and brings its own character to the company’s project vault. However, I am partial to the Post & Beam Remodel as it was the very first “start to finish” project I was involved in. It was the first project with BLB and the first time seeing how we transform homes. But the project I think had the coolest outcome was the Joppa Flats Porch.

Corinne: BLB has a pretty incredible portfolio. I have only been here for less than a year, but watching these homes come to life has been fun. While I wasn’t here during construction, my favorite project so far has been the Todd Farm Remodel. I recently saw this project in person for a photo shoot, and I loved how BLB transformed the space and brought new life into a 19th-century farmhouse.

Donna: I have only been here for a few months, but my favorite project is the Topsfield Second Story Addition. When I started, the inside was a shell; now, it’s in the final stage and almost complete.  

Newly installed primary bedroom windows at a whole home remodel in Newbury, MA by BLB Design / Build

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