The Most Romantic Upgrades to Your Home

It’s February, and that means love is in the air! There are many things to contemplate when planning a remodel or new build. One of the most important things is considering how you will live and use your space. Your home is an investment, so it’s crucial to ensure it works best for you and your lifestyle. If you have a significant other, including some features that will foster closeness and help the two of you continue to enjoy your time together can significantly improve your quality of life.

Wondering how to make your home a romantic oasis? Keep reading to learn some of our favorite home updates that can help!
Light fixture at the Rivercrest Refresh kitchen and bath remodel in West Newbury, MA by BLB Design / Build

Set the Mood (Lighting)

First on the list: lighting. Lighting can significantly impact how we feel in a room. As one of the first things you notice, it sets the tone for a space, and you must plan ahead to ensure you have something calm and relaxing. Having just one bright overhead light can be a mood killer. Consider adding a dimmer switch to any overhead light to adjust for optimal romance. You can also add scones with a frosted shade for a soft glow or a chandelier with warm bulbs to provide a calming illusion.

Chill the Champagne

Want to wine and dine your partner without leaving home? Consider adding a wine cooler to your kitchen space so you can always have your favorite glass of bubbly ready to go at the perfect temperature. A wet bar is another great design feature to add to plans. Playing bartender for your partner in your home can be a fun experience for both of you (especially during those New England winter nights when neither of you wants to leave the house). Add a cute bistro table to complete your perfect private cocktail lounge vibe!

Private Dining

While the open concept trend continues to reign, we love the more recent desire for room separation, specifically keeping your dining room separate from the open kitchen and living room area. A separate dining room gives you a more intimate experience than eating with the dirty pots to the left and the tv on to the right. Add some candles and a few flower arrangements, and you have your own private restaurant, perfect for a romantic night in.

Fire It Up

Another favorite romantic upgrade option is adding a fireplace to your bedroom (bearskin rug optional). A roaring fire and romance go together like Romeo and Juliet. Adding one to the bedroom gives your home something extra. Plus, everyone looks good in the glow of a fire. There are so many options you can choose from for this. Fireplaces can be built-in, come complete with a mantel, be wall-mounted, in the form of a stove, be wall-inserted, and even come as part of a media console.


Living room refresh with fireplace and custom mantle in Amesbury, MA by BLB Design / Build

Sanborn Project, Photography by Freebird Photography

Primary Suite Oasis

The bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you and your partner can be alone and enjoy yourselves without prying eyes. The design should feel comfortable and create a room you’ll never want to leave. It also helps to have a large ensuite bathroom that feels like a luxury at-home spa experience. Nothing says romance like an oversized walk-in shower or soaking tub with enough room for two. Consider adding a rainshower or dual shower heads for a little something extra!

No matter your reasoning, any of these upgrades will help turn your house into a dream home. But before making any significant decisions, talk to your partner about what you both want to get out of your home renovation. Nothing is more romantic than being on the same page about a major investment.


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