Let There Be Light: The Benefits of Natural Light

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have shifted their views and habits regarding the amount of time spent at home. Before the pandemic, only 23% of Americans reported to work-from-home regularly. Now, nearly three years since the outbreak’s start, the percentage of Americans working from home jumped to 59%. This shift has directly affected how Americans spend their time indoors, specifically inside their homes. In 2021, the US EPA reported that Americans spend 90% of their waking time indoors. According to Google’s COVID-19 Mobility Report, the amount of time spent in residential spaces is steadily increasing.

So what does all this mean concerning natural light? Because Americans spend most of their time indoors, especially during the colder months, we are losing out on the many benefits of the outdoors, including natural light and sunshine. That’s why most clients opt to add more windows and doors to provide additional light inside their homes. While bright rooms give an illusion of a larger space, there are also many other benefits to increasing the amount of natural light in your home. Here are five to make you crank that sun-dial all the way up.

With regard to daylight indoors, there is ample evidence that building occupants invariably prefer spaces with windows to spaces without windows.

J. Mardaljevic, 2021

Improved Productivity

The Workplace Wellness Study, a recent study by Future Workplace and View, published findings that indicate the top two workplace factors regarding productivity are good natural light and air quality. Providing adequate natural light in your spaces is essential following the significant shift from working in the office to working from home.

Energy Efficient

Natural light inside the home also provides an economic and environmental bonus. Humans rely less on artificial light sources by increasing the amount of natural light, saving money. Additionally, strategic placement of large doors and windows can heat spaces without high energy costs.


This second-floor office is the ideal working space with strategically placed windows and light wall color.

Plants 💚 The Sun

Humans aren’t the only ones who thrive off of natural light. According to a 2021 Garden Center Magazine article, indoor garden centers have seen an 18% spike in houseplant sales since the pandemic’s start. If provided with adequate natural light, plants can provide numerous health benefits to their human counterparts, including reduced stress, horticultural therapy, boosts in immunity, and improved air quality.

Enhanced Mood + Health

Increased natural light is also associated with elevated spirits and decreased stress levels. When our bodies are in sunlight, our brains produce serotonin and endorphins, which improve moods and give humans that “feel-good” feeling. Additionally, humans more in-tune with natural light in the morning are better prepared to cope with anxiety-inducing situations during the day.


A before-and-after comparison of the living room. We removed the underutilized sun porch and installed new Pella windows and doors to capture more natural light.

Increased Home Values

Per Zillow, the number of windows and the amount of natural light in your home can increase the property’s value. In smaller homes, large windows with abundant natural light can make the room look larger and more inviting. Adding more windows will improve energy efficiency, heat the space quicker, and save money, which are key selling points for new buyers. Lastly, large windows will allow you to admire the exterior if you have an incredible view!

Our Favorite Windows

If you’re planning renovations, it is crucial to research what windows are best for your home and budget. Here are some of our favorite windows to consider for your next project.

Marvin Elevate Series 

BLB used the Marvin Elevate Series at the Ipswich River Whole Home for its striking beauty and strength. These windows are fabricated with fiberglass materials which outperform and outlast vinyl or other composites. These are strong enough to weather even the harshest outdoor conditions.

Pella Reserve Series

At a recent Modern Kitchen project, we selected Pella Reserve Series windows for their contemporary offerings. These windows boast clean lines, minimal profiles, and expansive glass.

Pella Lifestyle Series

Installed at the Riverview Refresh, Pella Lifestyle Series are designed to fit your life, regardless of the space. These windows redefine performance through improved energy efficiency, noise reduction, and enhanced flexibility and innovation. 

Pella Architect Series

The Littles Farm Whole Home project featured Pella Architect Series windows, intricately crafted, featuring superior craftsmanship, and can be customizable to meet each home’s unique design. Fabricated by Pella’s master wood craftsmen, these windows offer a timeless and elegant style with a high-quality guarantee.

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Series

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood units are preferred when we work on older homes because of their handcrafted beauty and ability to match the time period of the property. The Custom Wood Series is appealing to homeowners for their one-if-a-kind beauty that is unique to their home.