5 Kitchen Updates That Will Make You Hostess of the Year

Thanksgiving is a time of gathering. It’s a time spent with family and friends, the people we love most. It can, however, also be a time of anxiety for whoever has the pleasure of hosting it. From cooking to cleaning to ensuring everyone stays entertained, there is much to consider when creating the perfect holiday feast.

Are you looking to make your next Thanksgiving a breeze? Read on for five home updates that are sure to make you the hostess of the year!

Give Us All The Countertops

Adding more countertop space is one of the best kitchen upgrades to invest in (for hosting Thanksgiving and beyond, trust us). With all the extra people in your home, having a considerable surface space is a kitchen game changer. An additional peninsula or island will give you room to prep, cook, and display platters for people to snack on and gather around while you finish cooking. It also adds another space for people to mingle and relax before the big event.

Walk-In Pantry

Another kitchen upgrade that will make you the envy of all your guests is the addition of a walk-in pantry. Gone are the days of digging through tight cabinets to find the nutmeg for your pumpkin pie. A new kitchen pantry will instantly make everything you need to create the feast of the year more accessible. Walk-in pantries also keep your main kitchen area uncluttered, and the extra storage allows food staples and beverages to stay organized. Plus, the new space will add a ton of character to your kitchen.

The Right Appliances

When it comes to cooking, it helps to have the proper tools, which in this case, are your appliances. From ranges to dishwashers, new appliances will not only upgrade the look of any kitchen but also bring energy efficiency and increase functionality. Consider investing in a larger dishwasher to assist with cleanup or a drawer warmer to ensure your rolls can instantly melt butter when served. One of our favorite brands to help make cooking a breeze is Wolf. From Dual-Fuel ranges to wall ovens, these top-quality appliances are what kitchen dreams are made of.

A Big Sink (or Two)

With the most significant food day of the year comes the most extensive mess of the year. Unsurprisingly, you will be left with plenty of dirty pots and dishes when cooking for a large group of people. Adding a deep, wide sink to your kitchen arsenal can be revolutionary. Deep sinks are perfect for soaking extra-sticky dishes and accommodating baking trays or sauté pans that can’t go or won’t fit in the dishwasher. You can never go wrong with a traditional farmhouse sink or dual stainless steel for something more modern.

Inclusive Space

While the food may be the main event of the day, remember the real reason for your gathering: your friends and family. The best way to make the most of the day for the cook(s) and guests is to have an all-inclusive space. Creating an open concept or adding a large island for people to gather around while you cook ensures everyone can be together. Plus, opening up your kitchen to the main living area allows you to watch the parade or game while keeping an eye on those green beans.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where people gather, share laughs, and have a cocktail (or two) while giving “helpful” cooking advice. A functional (yet beautiful) kitchen that works with your needs is an investment you will appreciate during the holidays and beyond.

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