The Modern Kitchen

The kitchen has long been considered the heart of the home. Kitchens are the place to assemble ingredients and guests, to enjoy creating and sharing meals and conversation with family and friends, and they can be highly functional works of art. 

Defined by flat surfaces, clean lines, and minimalistic design, modern living promotes simplicity without compromising functionality.

– BLB Design / Build

Julia Child once wrote to architect Pamela Heyne, “Most architects I know don’t know anything about cooking, and their designs are not practical for cooks!” However, kitchen designs and functionality have improved, with modern kitchens boasting functionality for the chef and the family.  The features of a modern kitchen are efficient, technologically integrated, and timeless masterpieces. The modern kitchen is bright and airy, a sleek and effortless space that highlights clean lines and contrasting materials, lending to a strong visual impact.

Features + Benefits

The modern kitchen offers maximum efficiency by making every square inch work for your cooking needs, with convenient tucked-away storage helping to keep your countertops clear and ready to use. Increasing efficiency allows you to spend less time cooking and cleaning and more time delighting in the space. Built-ins for hidden storage, advanced high-tech appliances, and lighting work together to present a clean, crisp environment ready to take the heat.

We recently unveiled our latest kitchen remodel, which showcases a flawless contemporary culinary design. Our city-dweller turned suburbanite clients longed for the former modern spaces they left behind in Boston. While moving to an attractive new location, their interior amenities were less than desirable and did not suit our client’s needs.

The previous kitchen was a small, dark traditional New England style design. We transformed the space by removing bulky appliances and repositioning the kitchen to the opposite end of the room, blending a panel-ready Subzero fridge with the floor-to-ceiling REHAU RAUVISIO cabinets. Additionally, this modern living remodel incorporated high ceilings, waterfall countertops, and crafty built-in organizational details.


A before-and-after comparison of the dining room turned kitchen. We relocated the kitchen to opposite the room and removed the bay window bump-out.

Modern kitchens often feature reflective material for added brilliance and statement. Our clients selected a polished, bright white Rauvisio crystal acrylic laminate to finish the exterior of the cabinets. The cabinets are highly reflective, streamlined, and have decreased sensitivity to impact and scratching. 

Characterized by flat surfaces, clean lines, and minimalistic design, contemporary living promotes simplicity while never sacrificing functionality. Continuous reveals, flush planes of sight through whole overlay cabinetry, hidden amenities, and monochromatic color palettes add brilliance and statement to modern homes.

Keeping with the contemporary feel, we also modernized their living room and powder room to streamline the design throughout the first floor utilizing a continuous Fry Reglet U-channel along all interior trim and doors, blending the reveal throughout. 

Are you interested in leveling-up your kitchen with a modern makeover? Our Design Scope Build approach offers thoughtful planning and skilled execution of your ideal kitchen remodel. You’ve got the vision, we’ve got the expertise; contact us to go Beyond the Build.