Win at Thanksgiving with a Wolf Range

With Thanksgiving approaching, our clients are hard at work food prepping and confirming their kitchens are ready for a family feast. Luckily, most BLB kitchen projects include Wolf appliances – including Dual-Fuel ranges, gas range tops, and wall ovens. This month we’ll discuss the benefits of selecting Wolf-brand appliances to withstand the test of time and match up to your ultimate cooking goals.

Nov 24, 2021 | Renovation Advice, Shelby


Ranging between $5,470 and $19,280* and known for their iconic touches, including the bold logo tag and fire-red knobs, Wolf ranges are fitted with a number of features perfect for any luxury kitchen. Dual-fuel ranges incorporate gas cooking surfaces and electric ovens which are the most popular appliances featured in our kitchen remodels. Coming in a variety of sizes and offering up to eight burners, buyers are able to customize their range to their desired cooking needs. While pre-heat times may be a bit longer than competitors, Wolf double ovens distribute the heat throughout the 10.2 cubic foot cooking cavity, ensuring the best food possible. Convection oven technology is equipped in every Wolf oven, providing improved baking conditions and the ability to fit as many dishes inside the cavity without compromising cooking or heating times.

A Wolf Gas Range with the iconic red knobs at a kitchen project in Newburyport. Photography by Glenn Livermore Photography.

Additionally, every Wolf range is equipped with powerful dual-stacked burners with customizable flame controls. Ranging from just 300 to 20,000 BTUs, the dual-fuel burners increase precision and provide an easy transition from high-heat to low-simmers. 

Wolf offers several additional features which our clients can’t stop raving about including the soft-close oven door, pivoting control panels, temperature displays on the knobs, luxury racks inside the cooking cavity, and Gourmet Mode.


A Wolf Dual-Fuel Range installed at the Littles Farm Whole House + Addition. Photography by Freebird Photography.

While Wolf products have been around since the 1930s, Sub-Zero, a highly-innovative refrigeration company, acquired Wolf in 2000 and merged the two brands into one that is well known for luxury, design, and professionalism. Since then, their cooking appliances have been a luxury standard throughout many residential homes. Replicating Sub-Zero’s impeccable craftsmanship, Wolf appliances, specifically ranges, are built to have a shelf life of almost 20 years. Quality materials are visible both inside and outside of the ranges – from the sturdy knobs, durable range burners, porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, and the spacious oven capacity.

A Wolf Gas Rangetop that is installed at the Victorian Remodel. Photography by Freebird Photography.


Due to their strong reputation in the commercial restaurant industry, ambitious home chefs have opted to install Wolf over the standard gas or convection range. They have also been selected for their usefulness in the kitchen. 

Unlike other cooktops that include grates that shift with every movement of the pot, Wolf grates are equipped with small silicon feet to prevent movement or scratching. Below the grate, ignition-spark technology will automatically re-ignite a burner if the flame goes out, providing increased safety and convenience. 

To quicken cook time and fully customize your meals, Wolf ranges have an infinite number of options to set your ideal flame size and heat. Additionally, the oven includes a temperature probe alert that informs you when your dish has reached the prime temperature, cutting out the time it takes to check the food with a thermometer. Other cooking features that make your meals “easy as pie” are the quick 10-minute pre-heat charbroiling option and the griddle with infrared power that will last for years after one seasoning.

Lastly, Wolf appliances are known for their cleaning ease. Since the burners are sealed, this mitigates food or liquids from dropping inside the unit and makes cleaning the cooktop a breeze. Equipped with self-cleaning oven technologies, these units are perfect for a chef looking to decrease the amount of time spent scrubbing.

To learn more about Wolf ranges and other Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove products head to their website. If your kitchen is without a Wolf appliance this Thanksgiving, make sure to contact us to discuss your kitchen remodel for the next holiday season!