Revisiting the Whole House

In January, we shared a few of our upcoming 2021 projects and dove deeper into some of our most exciting projects yet. As we head into the final months of the year, we’d like to share the latest updates of the Ipswich River Whole House, Little’s Farm Whole House, and The Joppa Flats Front Porch Addition.

Aug 30, 2021 | Projects, Updates | 0 comments

Ipswich River Whole House Remodel

Following incredible collaboration between the BLB Design / Build team, Ivory & Bone Interiors, Vesta Architecture, and a number of subcontractors, the Ipswich River Whole House Remodel was substantially completed in June 2021. While braving the freezing winter months, our crew replaced forty window units that provide stunning views of the Ipswich River. Other work included a redesigned first floor with a reoptimized kitchen, an expanded dining space, the addition of a breakfast nook, and an upgraded master suite. Outside, our crews framed a sprawling 1,350 sq. ft. deck surrounded by upgraded hardscaping and landscaping by Ulrich Landscape Collaborative.

With photoshoots scheduled for the interior and exterior spaces in Winter 2021 and Fall 2022, respectively, stay tuned for an exclusive portfolio drop on our website. For more behind-the-scenes photos and videos, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages.

View of the remodeled living room on-looking the Ipswich River.

Little’s Farm Whole House Remodel

Before and after of the second-floor addition seen above the front entry barrel roof with new exterior paint.

Started in December 2020, the Little’s Farm Whole House project has been steadily underway and is approaching the final finishing stages. The project began with both extensive and selective demo to prepare for the 600 sq. ft. addition added to the second floor of the home. Following the project commencement, a variety of upgrades were added to the scope of work – including an expansive back deck and master suite balcony, basement build-out, and several other miscellaneous finishes.

Currently, the house is bustling with activity from a variety of trades. The painters have completed the exterior paint and have moved inside to begin their prep work and initial coats. Once the remaining closet systems are installed, our master carpenters will move outside to continue working on the exterior structures.

Another project collab between BLB, Ivory & Bone, and Vesta Architecture, catch frequent updates on all of our social media channels. Little’s Farm Whole House Remodel is scheduled to be substantially complete by late September with a portfolio drop expected in early 2022.

Joppa Flats Front Porch Addition

Sneak peek of our golden hour photoshoot with Freebird Photography.

Concept drawing of the custom exterior crown molding. As a part of our #BLBJoppaPorch Series.

Completed in May 2021, the Joppa Flats Front Porch Addition has caught the eye of many locals and visitors as they drive along the picturesque Merrimack River coast. Designed by Latady Design, this 680 sq. ft. porch includes a 16′ wide barrel roof with two hip extensions finishes with standing-seam copper roofing. Additionally, six Tuscan columns with Roman Doric caps and bases were installed along the perimeter of the porch to add some regal flair.

Other features include custom exterior crown molding, color-changing Thermory Ash decking, a paneled ceiling, and traditional railings with a custom meranti top rail.

Recently our marketing manager and Kate McNamara of Freebird Photography collaborated on the golden-hour photoshoot of the porch. With an expected portfolio drop date of September, you won’t want to miss these photos. Stay tuned for the final project photos only available on our social media channels and online portfolio.