2023: The Year of the Multi-Room Remodel

Following a fantastic “Year of the Addition,” which saw the most project completions we’ve ever done, we’re excited to continue making home renovation magic in 2023. More people than ever are looking to renovate their homes, but this year, the trend appears to be multi-room remodels. Choosing a multi-room remodel allows you to get more from your project without giving your whole house a makeover. It’s also more accessible and efficient than renovating your home one small project at a time. Here are a few of the top advantages of choosing a multi-room remodel.

Rolling up construction plans for a home addition project in Topsfield, MA by BLB Design / Buid

Photography by Freebird Photography

1. Creates a More Cohesive Design

Renovating multiple rooms at a time, like your kitchen, hallway, and living room, allows you to create a uniform look and tie your entire home’s aesthetic together. Nothing will seem out of place when navigating rooms because it was all designed as a package deal.

2. Renovations Are More Manageable

Instead of having to move or be inconvenienced numerous times with separate renovation projects, doing multiple rooms at the same time means this will only happen once. When you move back, you can return to everyday living without further interruptions.

3. Enlarges Small Spaces

A multi-room renovation allows you to consider several options simultaneously. This makes it a great time to consider a new floor plan and combine areas to create more space. The ability to break down walls and build your dream open concept is a game changer.

4. Gives You More Value for Money*

An extensive renovation work scope gives you more bargaining power when discussing your budget. More work means taking advantage of buying materials in bulk and enjoying more significant discounts.

5. Opportunity to Fix Minor Flaws

Everyone has random flaws in their home that they notice over time and want to improve. A multi-room renovation is a great time to fix those pesky issues that don’t affect the home’s overall design but are still something you wish to change.

Newly installed primary bedroom windows at a whole home remodel in Newbury, MA by BLB Design / Build

Multi-room renovations are more complex than single renovations, like a kitchen or bathroom remodel, because they require a more in-depth understanding of the home’s architecture. However, you will get more utility from renovating multiple rooms in your home than a single-room renovation. Keep reading for a closer look at a few of our upcoming multi-room remodel projects.

Generational Home Remodel

Located in the Ferry-Moseley neighborhood of Newburyport, this project includes updating the interior of our client’s childhood home. The house will have a new kitchen, first-floor bathroom, and second-floor bathroom, along with new windows, fresh paint, and refinished hardwood floors throughout the home.

Architectural plans for Newburyport, MA multi-room remodel by BLB Design / Build

Floorplan of the first-floor drawn by Vesta Architecture

BLB Design / Build Newburyport, MA kitchen remodel before demo

Original kitchen about to be demolished

BLB Design / Build Generational home remodel in Newburyport, MA kitchen drawing

Proposed kitchen rendering by Vesta Architecture

Construction began at the start of January 2023. So far, we have demolished the existing interior and have completed the framing for the new kitchen and bathrooms. Rough plumbing and electrical have started, and we installed the new replacement windows. Next up is insulation.

We expect the project to finish in late spring of 2023. Our clients will return to the house in April before we finish construction. To accommodate this, we’ll need to complete the first-floor bathroom before the rest of the house, and we’ll set up a temporary kitchen for them to use in the basement.

Highland House Remodel

This Historic Downtown Newburyport remodel is slated to start at the beginning of May 2023. The project scope includes upgrades to the kitchen, central staircase, and second-floor laundry room. We have applied for the building permit and have begun the pre-construction planning and preparation. Currently, we are working on scheduling subcontractors and nailing down a confirmed start date with the client.

Open concept kitchen and living room rendering for BLB Design / Build Newburyport, MA home remodel

Proposed open-concept kitchen and living room rendering by Vesta Architecture

Federalist Remodel

Just down the street in Newburyport’s South End, another multi-room remodel is happening at the end of this year. The Design Scope phase is ongoing, and we are working with the clients to finalize the plans. The goal is to gut the mid-1990s home’s existing kitchen and second-floor primary bathroom, and completely renovate both rooms to a more updated style. We have reached out to subcontractors for preliminary pricing. Once we finalize the design, we will secure more accurate pricing and start the contract phase. After the contract is signed, our project manager will create the schedule, and pre-construction preparation and planning will begin.

Kitchen remodel rendering for Newburyport, MA home remodel by BLB Design / Build

Proposed kitchen rendering by Vesta Architecture

Primary bathroom rendering for Newburyport, MA home remodel by BLB Design / Build

Proposed primary bathroom rendering by Vesta Architecture

Are you looking to renovate multiple rooms in your home? Connect with us to see how we can help!

*Please note pricing varies depending on the client’s scope and finishes. There is no guarantee that a multi-room remodel will be cheaper than an addition.