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2023 Home Trend Predictions

With a new year comes the desire to start fresh and reinvent the old, making it the perfect time to look at the state of the home design industry and see which trends everyone will be talking about in 2023. To get the inside scoop, we spoke to a few local experts, including our own Ben Becker, to get their predictions on what home design trends we’ll start to see more of this year. As we all know, trends come and go (we’re looking at you, 1970s shag carpet). Style and popular opinion when it comes to the home are constantly evolving, so we made sure to focus on designs that will last for years. Read on to see what we predict 2023 will bring!

1. Room Separation

“In new construction and renovation, we are finding we are designing homes to have more separated spaces versus the previous popular open concept. With so many families continuing to work and live in their homes, privacy and separation is needed. With this we are also seeing our client’s loving the way in which rooms transition when separated. This includes added archways and detailed millwork in pathways.”
– Gina Baran, Owner, Principle Design + Creative Director of Gina Baran Interiors + Design

“The living room/kitchen open plan will be more popular than the living room/kitchen/dining room open plan. The dining room will become more separate and more of a flexible space with opportunities for different colors, and other uses such as an office, craft room, library or pantry.”
– Rachel Harris, Senior Architect + Owner of Vesta Architecture

2. Home Office

“We are constantly getting calls for clients who are trying to enhance their at-home work experience and need a quiet but functional space to focus. I think we will continue to see an uptick in requests for dedicated office spaces, which could mean remodeling a basement, an unused bedroom or finishing a room over a garage that at one time was never a consideration.”
– Ben Becker, Owner + Chief Visionary of BLB Design / Build

3. Saturated Hues & Natural Wood

“Next on the list wood be (pun intended), wood paneling accent walls and natural wood features. We are seeing a lot of clients choosing natural wood for their kitchen cabinetry and we recently finished a project with a white oak nickel gap ship lap accent wall that welcomes you as you enter the home. I think bringing that natural element into the interior design helps avoid the more recent (but fading) trend of painting everything white, which can create a very clinical vibe.”
– Ben Becker, Owner + Chief Visionary of BLB Design / Build

BLB Merrimac Project

“We are leaning into deeper warmer tones that can be applied in every room in the home. Browns are going to continue to be a dominant color this year (and for many years to come). We find this tone to add so much warmth to any space. This includes dark brown wood furnishings and the staining used in millwork.”
Gina Baran, Owner, Principle Design + Creative Director of Gina Baran Interiors + Design

4. Reeded Detailing

Reeded detailing on cabinetry will be come more popular, possibly rattan too. This design adds so much natural texture and dimension to a space, and can break up the flatness of the classic Shaker cabinets. “
– Rachel Harris, Senior Architect + Owner of Vesta Architecture

5. Statement Marble + Stone

“Bold and busy veining in marbles and stone are continuing to add statements to kitchens and bathrooms. We find the more contrasting the more impactful, especially in kitchens when paired with saturated cabinetry.”
Gina Baran, Owner, Principle Design + Creative Director of Gina Baran Interiors + Design


Gina Baran Ludlow Project, Photography by Freebird Photography

BLB Marshview Way Remodel, Photography by Freebird Photography

6. Going Beyond the Kitchen Work Triangle

“Kitchen planning with an area outside the work triangle for beverages, glassware, and less frequently used kitchen items to help with accessibility, especially for kids and guests. This is often done with a separate beverage area, and keeping the microwave out of the cook’s triangle.”
– Rachel Harris, Senior Architect + Owner of Vesta Architecture

7. Workstation Sinks

“And last but not least, I predict that the workstation sinks in the kitchen are going to be high on the wish-list this year. The added functionality provides clients with many options such as a cutting board and strainers that allow for easy clean up after hosting friends and family. There are countless options and manufacturers for these workstations such as Kohler and Elkay and more are continuing to come into the market as they gain popularity.”
– Ben Becker, Owner + Chief Visionary of BLB Design / Build

While it’s always fun to look at what is trending in the industry when it comes to your own home, the priority should always be your style. Your home is an investment and not something you can reinvent each year, so be sure to take the time to think before rushing into any major decisions. When remodeling or redecorating your space, choose designs that make you feel comfortable and transform your house into your own personal sanctuary.

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